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How to upgrade or downgrade your subscription
How to upgrade or downgrade your subscription

Understanding how to upgrade and downgrade your subscription, and how these changes will impact your current plan.

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If you'd like to familiarize yourself with the various subscription levels before delving into the process of upgrading or downgrading your plan, please take a moment to explore the four different subscription tiers that Rehive offers.

Additionally, for a more detailed comparison between our Premium and Enterprise packages, you can find an explanation here.

Now that you have a clear understanding of our subscription offerings and may have even experienced their benefits, let's outline what you need to know when considering a downgrade:

  • If you're currently on a Standard plan, please note that you can only downgrade if you close your Production project.

  • For Premium plan subscribers, downgrading is an option, but it does require dropping your mobile app.

Should you decide to upgrade or downgrade your subscription, you can easily manage your plan by accessing the Dashboard, navigating to Settings, and locating your plan under Billing Info.

If you encounter any further issues or have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at for assistance.

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