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What is the difference between Premium and Enterprise packages?
What is the difference between Premium and Enterprise packages?

Choose the right subscription for your business needs.

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The three main differences between Premium and Enterprise are as follows:

  1. Enterprise customers can have a custom number of staff accounts negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Enterprise customers have access to an Account Manager.

  3. Enterprise customers can negotiate custom active user fees.

The Enterprise package is best suited for larger businesses that need help from Rehive within their organization to maximize the use of Rehive’s tools and services. The Account Manager is focused on helping your team get up to speed with all the features, best practices and keeps everyone up to date on new developments.

If you’re comfortable with getting started on the Rehive Platform by upskilling yourself and relying on Ticket-based Support to help with any blockers, then the Premium package is a good starting point. We are less hands-on and you can move at a pace that suits your business best.

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