If you have already created a test project, you might have noticed that your project says “Test project” or “Warning: This is a test project with test money. This is not real money.” This means your project is not a Production Project and is not live.

If you are a Premium or Enterprise customer, you can publish your white label web app, iOS and Android apps using your Test Project and update them to use your Production Project when you are ready to go live. This means Rehive can do the configurations, training, app store submissions, and review in parallel.

If you have not yet created a test project, make sure to do so first and follow the onboarding steps.

Steps to go live

  1. Please complete this form if you are ready to set up your production project. If you are ready to go into production. Rehive will register a new project and set it to production mode. You have to repeat all the configurations, but don't make any transactions until it has been reviewed by Rehive. It may take between 1 to 2 business days before receiving your production project invitation.

  2. Finally, you can request a production review.

Important notes

  • Set a secure and unique password for your production project. Do not share credentials and activate two-factor authentication via the Dashboard.

  • Do not make any transactions on your Production Project until it has been reviewed by Rehive.

  • A Production Project is not in live mode, to begin with. It will be set to live mode once it has been approved through a Rehive review.

What will Rehive review for production approval?

We will review the following prerequisites to go live:

  1. Have you signed the Software License Agreement?

  2. On the Test Project, we evaluate that you have successfully done the basic training steps and tested the key flows.

  3. Have you provided all your branding material and app store invitations correctly?

  4. On your Production Project we will review the following:

    1. Do you have a valid website URL?

    2. Do you have reasonable terms of services and a privacy policy? This can be on your website or any other link.

    3. Do you have a valid support email?

    4. Do you have a name and logo?

    5. Do you have an active password reset/set URL on your domain?

    6. Do you have an active Plaid and Wyre production account, if applicable?

    7. Are you using the standard configurations or did you make customizations?

  5. If you deviated from the standard configuration, we try to highlight what implications this will have on the apps.

  6. We highlight the importance of two-factor authentication for admins.

If you do not meet the requirements, we’ll ask you to look into the specific issues and resubmit a review request. The production review process takes 1 to 2 days for Premium or Enterprise clients. Starter and Standard clients are handled on ticket-based support and can take up to 5 to 10 business days.

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