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What is Rehive?
Overview of Rehive's products
Overview of Rehive's products

Rehive consists of three product layers that are all interconnected: Platform, Applications, and Extensions. 

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Create your own sandbox project here or check out a pre-configured demo project here.


The platform consists of three parts:

At the heart of Rehive is a cloud-based transaction ledger and user management system. Rehive Platform is similar to Firebase but tailored for building fintech apps. Customers can build on the Platform directly or accelerate product development by also adding Applications and Extensions.

The core transaction ledger is designed to be highly flexible to configure a mix and match of accounts, currencies, and transaction subtypes with advanced fintech-specific features such as limits, fees, tiers, and more. The ledger can represent any format of asset classes, whether these be points, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, or even securities.

The first step to creating a project on Rehive is choosing your custody model. You can either choose a pre-integrated partner or do your own custom integrations. We are constantly working on adding end-to-end integrations to take care of compliance, on/off ramps, custody of funds, conversions, and more.

It is important to note that Rehive is only providing the ledger technology. We’re not the custodian of the underlying asset. You are required to partner with or hold the appropriate licenses for providing financial services based on your use case, whether this be points, rewards, fiat, crypto, securities etc.

The user management system is designed to help you manage groups, permissions, authentication, and more. As an admin, you have full access to all user activities whereas users can only access their own accounts.

Rehive Platform API is open for anyone to get started and all management features are available via the dashboard. 


Extensions are developed on top of the Rehive Platform. We’ve created a marketplace for Rehive Extensions that can be activated from the Dashboard. 

Currently, all extensions are developed exclusively by Rehive, but we plan to open this for third-party developers in the future. If you’re building your own custom features on the Rehive Platform, you’re effectively building an extension. 

Read more here if you are interested to build your own custom extensions.

The following Rehive Extensions are available: 

Similar to the Rehive Platform, Rehive Extensions are also designed with flexibility and configurability in mind. For example, if you want to record a ‘reward’ transaction using a custom transaction subtype - it is possible to change the subtype on the extension as needed. However, Rehive always defines a specific configuration and best practices when building extensions to make things easier to get started.


The following applications are available:

White-label Hosting is available for selected applications based on the subscription tier. The Premium package includes a White-label Software License for selected applications whereby you’ll enjoy the benefit of access to the latest frontend source code to easily make your own frontend customizations.

Note: Once you start making customizations to the code base you have to manage your own hosting.
Note: The dashboard is not white-labeled.

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