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Do you need a license to use Rehive?
Do you need a license to use Rehive?

You need the necessary licensing and custody partners for your use case

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Rehive is a financial technology company that provides the technology infrastructure for fintech applications, but it is not a bank. Clients using our platform must obtain the necessary licenses, including those for crypto, and partner with licensed financial institutions to handle customer funds and provide banking services.

Rehive solely offers ledger technology and does not manage customer funds or act as custodians of the assets. This means that while Rehive provides the technological backbone for your fintech application, you are responsible for securing the appropriate licenses and partnerships to operate legally within your jurisdiction.

Clients are responsible for integrating with financial infrastructure providers to manage KYC/KYB processes, on/off ramps, and the custody of user funds. Whether your use case involves points, rewards, fiat, crypto, or securities, you must partner with or obtain the necessary licenses to provide these financial services.

In summary, while Rehive simplifies the technological aspect of building fintech applications, you must ensure compliance with all relevant financial regulations and secure the required licenses to operate your specific services.

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