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Customizing Rehive: adding special features

What about building special features on Rehive?

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Rehive is designed to be easily extendable, allowing you to build custom features on top of our robust API. The Rehive Platform's core components—Ledger, Auth, and User management—serve as a solid foundation, minimizing the need for direct codebase customizations and enabling the development of most features through our APIs.

Core platform configurations

The core platform configurations provide the essential structure and rules for your fintech application, including:

  • Groups

  • Currencies

  • Accounts

  • Transaction subtypes

  • Permissions

  • Tiers

  • Limits

  • Fees

These configurations ensure a consistent and secure environment for your application while allowing you to build and extend functionalities as needed.

Building on the API

Most custom features can be developed by leveraging the Rehive API. This approach provides flexibility and scalability without altering the core codebase. Detailed documentation on how to build such extensions can be found in our Rehive documentation.

Frontend customizations

For frontend customizations, clients have access to the web and mobile codebases, developed in React and React Native, respectively. This access allows for deep customization to tailor the user interface and experience according to your specific needs.

Key Points:

  • Web Codebase: Developed in React, allowing for comprehensive customization of web applications.

  • Mobile Codebase: Developed in React Native, providing the flexibility to customize mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

Full Software License for Enterprise Clients

Enterprise clients can purchase a Full Software License if they wish to bring the full codebase in-house. This option provides complete control over the entire platform, enabling extensive customizations and integration capabilities tailored to your specific business needs.

By utilizing these resources, you can create a unique and tailored user experience that aligns with your brand and business requirements.

For more information and detailed steps on customizing Rehive and building extensions, please refer to our Rehive documentation.

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