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Essential integrations for going live

What integrations you need for your fintech

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Rehive integrates seamlessly with the key financial infrastructure required to power your fintech application. To successfully launch, you need to integrate several essential components. Contact our sales team to check if we already support integrations in your target region.

These integrations ensure your platform can handle critical functions such as customer verification, deposits, withdrawals, and currency conversions. Below is a summary of the essential integrations required for going live, with links to detailed documentation.

Please note that you must open an account directly with each third-party provider.

1. KYC (Know Your Customer)

2. Deposits

3. Withdrawals

4. Conversions

Additional Integrations

Consider these additional integrations to enhance your fintech platform, following a similar approach:

  • Card issuance

  • Savings

  • Lending

  • Stock brokerage

For more details, please visit the Rehive documentation.

By setting up these essential and additional integrations, you ensure your fintech platform provides comprehensive and compliant services to your users.

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