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Dashboard blocking and project suspension on Rehive
Dashboard blocking and project suspension on Rehive

How Rehive handles projects with overdue invoices

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In this article, we'll discuss how Rehive access is controlled when invoices are missed or breach of terms.

According to our terms, Rehive will discontinue providing services to clients who are behind on payments. We have a tiered process in place depending on how long an invoice is overdue. At any point during the process, you can settle outstanding balances to automatically regain access.

  • Warning - When an invoice is 14 days overdue, the Rehive system will automatically block access to the Rehive Admin Dashboard. The blocker can be lifted by settling any outstanding invoices relating to your project and apps.

  • Suspension - At 30 days overdue, the Rehive system blocks all access to the applicable projects. This is referred to as Suspension. At this point, all end-user and admin users will be blocked from accessing any applications and the Rehive Platform. At this point, you as the client can request a data extract to facilitate the manual distribution of funds to your end users. However, if you know you are unable to pay an invoice before the 30-day overdue mark, we advise instructing your users to withdraw their funds to minimize the load on your team to do manual withdrawals on behalf of your users.

  • Purging test projects - At 60 days overdue, Rehive may purge test projects not linked to production projects. This involves deleting all data linked to the project. This is not reversible. Note that Rehive will not purge production projects or their linked test projects. All data will be archived and available for legal use.

  • Reactive - Throughout the Suspension period, clients can settle all outstanding invoices including the Suspension period to re-activate the projects.

  • Closing projects - After a Suspension period of three months, the process will close. Production projects and their linked test projects will no longer be retrievable. All data will be archived and available for legal purposes, but to start back up on Rehive, a new set of projects will need to be created and configured, following the standard onboarding and white-labeling process (if applicable).

We encourage you to put measures in place to mitigate the risks involved in having your projects restricted.

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