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How to buy and sell currencies in the app
How to buy and sell currencies in the app

Convenient currency conversions

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In this article, we'll show you have to do currency conversions in the app.


While the user experience to buy and sell currencies in the app are quite straightforward, understanding how it works in the background and doing the configurations can be complex for new Rehive users.

You have to read this set of help center articles in full in order to configure the Currency Conversion Extension.


Rehive only creates the quote and executes the transaction on the Rehive ledger system. You have to integrate with a forex partner or exchange in order to settle the actual funds behind the scenes.

Use case

Buying and selling assets, whether fiat, crypto, or stocks, are an effective way to generate revenue in your fintech project.

Key features

  • Seamless user experience to create a quote and execute a conversion.

  • Simplified Buy and Sell flows.

  • Admins can configure asset pairs, whether fiat, crypto or stocks.

  • Easily feed in custom rates from exchange partners or use existing default rates form

  • Add padding to conversion rates as well as fees on the buy or sell side of the conversion.

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