This article will show you how to receive crypto deposits in the Wyre test environment in the Rehive app.

To complete this tutorial you'll need a Wyre project on Rehive and to have completed the first 3 tutorials on the Get Started page in the Admin Dashboard.

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Quick Steps

  1. Log in to the Web Wallet App with your test user.

  2. In the Accounts section in the Web Wallet App, select the crypto currency you want to receive a deposit in. In this example we'll use XLM.

  3. Click "Receive".

  4. Here you'll see your receiving address and memo.

  5. If you have a wallet with testnet XLM, you can send some XLM to the above account using the address and memo.

If you don't have a wallet with testent XLM to send from, you can follow the below steps to generate a test account via Stellar Laboratory.

  1. Go to Stellar Laboratory Account Creator.

  2. Click on "Generate keypair"

  3. Take the Public Key which is generated, scroll down to the Friendbot, and paste the address into the field. Click "Get test network lumens." This will put 10,000 testnet lumens into the account you just generated. Keep the public key and secret key saved in a notes app, as you'll need both for the next steps.

  4. Now that your new account is funded, in a new tab go to the Stellar Laboratory Transaction Builder. Fill out the following details:

    - Source account. Paste the public address of the account you generated earlier.
    - Transaction Sequence Number. After pasting in the address of your source account, a button will appear to fetch the next sequence. Click it.

    - Memo. Select "Text". Paste the memo of the Rehive XLM account you want to fund. Remember that this is found in the wallet in the XLM account when you click "RECEIVE".

    - For the Operation Type, select "Payment"
    - Destination. Enter the address of the Rehive XLM account you want to fund. Remember that this is found in the wallet in the XLM account when you click "RECEIVE".
    - Select Asset "native".
    - Amount. Enter 5000.

  5. Scroll down to where you see Success! Transaction Envelope XDR. Click "Sign in Transaction signer".

  6. Under "Signatures" add the secret key of the account you generated in step 2 in the Stellar Laboratory Account Creator.

  7. Scroll down and click "Submit in Transaction Submitter"

  8. On the submitter page, click "Submit Transaction"

  9. You are done! You can go back to the Rehive wallet. Refresh the XLM account until your deposit shows up.

  10. You can click on the Transaction Hash to view your transaction in Stellar Expert

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