Rehive currently uses the Wyre User API, which supports international users. Not all Rehive App features are possible to test in Wyre's test environment, so this article is here to guide you on what's possible in the test environment.

What you can test


How do I do this?

Crypto withdrawals

"WITHDRAW" action in the app.

Buying crypto with a test card

"BUY" action in the app.

Internal wallet-to-wallet sends

"SEND" action in the app.

Crypto deposits

"RECEIVE" action in the app.

What won't work in the test environment


What happens?

ACH deposits/withdrawals from a connected Plaid bank account (US only)

"DEPOSIT" and "WITHDRAW" actions in the app using a connected Plaid bank account will get stuck in "Pending". In the test environment bank accounts are not auto-approved by Wyre.

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