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How to process manual withdrawals as an admin
How to process manual withdrawals as an admin

Learn how to process pending manual withdrawals.

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This article will guide you through processing manual withdrawals. Please note that this only applies to Manual Projects.

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Quick steps

Process manual withdrawals in the Admin Dashboard

  1. While logged in to the Admin Dashboard as your admin user, click on "Transactions".

  2. Click the "Process withdrawals" button.

  3. Select which currency you would like to process withdrawals in and click "Filter transactions".

  4. The list of transactions will now be filtered by all pending manual withdrawals in your selected currency (EUR in our example). Pending withdrawals are ones which have not been processed yet.

  5. Click on the withdrawal transaction you would like to process.

  6. The view transaction modal will open. Here you can see transaction information. The most important information will be the bank information.

  7. In another tab, you should have your company bank account open to make the manual transaction to the user. Copy all of the banking information provided by your user.

  8. After you've made the transaction via your company bank account, come back to the Rehive Admin Dashboard and complete the withdrawal transaction by clicking the "Approve" button.

  9. Approving or declining a transaction is final. You cannot put it back in a pending state once it is complete or failed, so be sure that all the information is correct and that the transaction was correctly processed by your company bank.

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