This article will guide you through how to review and verify user information and documents. Please note that this only applies to Manual Projects - Wyre Projects have their own user information and document verification process.

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Quick steps

  1. Go to the Admin Dashboard > Users page.

  2. Click on the "Verify pending user documents" button.

  3. This is a list of all user uploaded documents, filtered by pending status. This means these documents have not been reviewed yet.

  4. Documents are ordered by date uploaded, with the oldest at the top. It works in a first-in-fist-out system.

  5. Click anywhere on the row of the user/document you want to review.

  6. Review the uploaded document alongside the provided user information. Ensure that the data matches. If it's a Proof of Identity document, you'll be confirming the user's identity. If it's a Proof of Address document, you'll be confirming the user's address.

  7. To verify the user's provided information, select "Verified" from the Basic info status or Address status dropdown. To verify a user's uploaded document, select "Verified" from the Document status dropdown. Click "Save" at the bottom to save your verification and move on to the next document.

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