How to view user tier level

Learn how to see what tier your user is in and get an overview of tiers and tier requirements.

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This article will guide you through the process of how to view a user's tier level. It will also give you a quick overview of tiers, tier requirements, and where those can be found.

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Tiers and Tier Requirements

Tiers and Tier Requirements are a way of defining KYC (Know your Customer) requirements in your app. You can specify what level of access is allowed and which transactional limits and fees a user is subject to according to what tier they are on. Tier requirements allow you to specify the minimum level of identity information required for each tier.

Tiers and Tier requirements can be found in the Groups section of the Rehive Admin Dashboard by clicking on "Tiers" on the relevant group.

Quick steps

How to view a user's tier level

A user's tier is calculated dynamically by the Platform. To view a user's tier, navigate to the Users listing page in the Rehive Admin Dashboard and click on the user whose tier you want to view. The tier will be displayed in the header of the User Details page, or near the bottom right of the page in the "Group and tier info" block.

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