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What if I am only using some features
What if I am only using some features

Can I get a discount if I only use some features on Rehive

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We have created four subscription packages to cater for different needs.

If you are only using the Rehive Platform, you can get started on the $25/month Starter subscription.

On the other hand, if you are interested in a full white-label solution for web, iOS and Android, you can get started on the $2,500/month Premium Subscription. The Premium subscription fee includes all the features, whether you are using them or not. To give a bit more context, our subscription is in place to help us cover the cost of manually managing aspects of the white-label codebase.

Usages fees are billed in a more granular way. Usage fees start at $0.25/active monthly user which increases depending on the applications and extensions that you decide to activate. In addition to the active user fee, we also charge a fix transaction fee of $0.001/transaction.

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