Do I get access to the source code?

How to make codebase level customizations.

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Rehive is designed to make it easy to get started with an end-to-end solution, while we also offer the flexibility for you to go in your own direction. In addition to building your own extensions, you are permitted to make customizations on the frontend codebases level within the terms of this agreement.


  • Premium and Enterprise subscribers get access to the frontend application source code under the Rehive Software License Agreement.

  • We do not offer access to the backend source code for our normal subscription packages.

  • If you make any frontend codebase customizations you need to take over the testing, deployment, hosting, and maintenance of your application.

  • Rehive provides view access to a Github repository that you have to fork. You are responsible to pull updates periodically. It is important that you follow the changelog to ensure your forked repository is up to date.

  • We do not offer codebase access to the Admin Dashboard for our normal subscriptions.

Backend source code

At the core is the Rehive Platform, which consists of the minimum set of features for building a financial/banking application: Authentication, Users, and Ledger. We also offer a couple of off-the-shelve Rehive Extensions: Notifications, Conversions, Mass Send, Invoicing, Business, Stellar, etc. Rehive Platform and Rehive Extensions are backend API services.

The idea is that you can easily build custom extensions, whether integrations or value-added features, on top of the Rehive Platform and Extensions APIs.

We do not offer access to the backend source code for our normal subscription packages. The backend source code is only available under a multi-year software license agreement.

Frontend source code

Rehive Applications are pre-integrated with Rehive Platform and Extensions. The applications are built in React for web and React Native for iOS and Android. You do get access to the source code as a Premium and Enterprise subscriber, under the Rehive Software License Agreement.

The agreement only permits usage of the source code as long as you are using any of the Rehive Platform features and maintain an active subscription. It is a single-use license and you are not permitted to resell the source or a white-label service of any kind.

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