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How to create an invoice

This article will guide you through creating an invoice as a business user.

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As a business user, you can create invoices in order to receive payments from new or existing users.

  1. Log in with your business user credentials. Ensure that your business has been fully verified.

  2. Navigate to the “Invoices” tab in the left-hand navigation panel

  3. Select the “New invoice +” button

  4. Add a request reference

  5. Enter the email address or mobile number of the customer. If the customer was previously added to your business, a dropdown should appear with the customer’s information. If the customer has not yet been added to your business, you have the option to add the customer to make future invoicing to this customer easier. Select “Add customer on invoice create” to do this.

  6. Enter the product details relevant to the invoice.

  7. Add the date on which you wish the invoice to be sent and the number of days until payment is due.

  8. Finally, add any metadata where relevant. This is an advanced feature. Contact support if you have any questions.

The invoice will be sent to the customer, who can complete payment. Once payment has been completed, it will be allocated to the invoice, which will then be marked complete.

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