This help center section is dedicated to guided tutorials to test a pre-configured project.

You can either follow these steps to set up your own sandbox project or head over to our demo page to test a pre-configured project.

A few tips

  • The App ID is unique per project and capital sensitive. You will find the App ID in your email inbox when creating a new project, the Get Started page or by viewing it in the top right corner of the dashboard.

  • Email addresses, mobile numbers, and usernames are unique per project on Rehive. This means you need to use a new email address for each user in the system when testing. Gmail has a useful trick where you can append +something to your email address to test with multiple accounts. Gmail will still work if I use any character at the end of your email handle. For example, if I use for testing, any of these email combinations will still work:




    • etc.

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