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How to use Locales

Add localization/multi-language to your app.

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Rehive has created functionality which allows you to translate your app into different languages, or regional languages.

Locales can be found inside the App Extension.

Creating a locale

To begin, add a locale. The only required field is Language, but a locale can also have an attached region, and optionally be given a name.

Once your locale has been added, locate it in the listing and click on "Edit translation" to add your translation to the locale.

You can download a template in JSON containing a full English translation. This template can either be downloaded on the Locales listing page or when editing a locale translation.

The JSON template

The JSON template is broken up into sections, denoting where the translation will be used in the App. The sections are:

  • Accounts

  • Auth

  • Common

  • Onboarding

  • POS

  • Products

  • Profile

  • Rewards

  • Settings

  • Subtype copy

Tansaction history text for Rehive or custom subtypes can be customized in the subtype_copy section.

Your translator will need to maintain the JSON formatting when translating the text.

When editing the translation, translators should only edit the text in quotes on the right hand side of the colon. In the below example, only the white text should be edited, not the blue text.


All quotes and commas surrounding the translation text must not be changed.

Adding your translation

After your translation has been completed, locate your locale, click on "Edit translation". While on the Locale translation page, delete the curly brackets {} inside the "Translation JSON" field, and paste your translated JSON text there instead.

Ensure that you click "Save" at the bottom to save your translation.

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