With Rehive and Wyre, you’ll be able to offer your users a range of amazing features right out of the box. Rehive specializes in the application layer of the fintech stack, while Wyre provides the essential infrastructure and compliance services. The end product includes:

  • Streamlined customer onboarding and verification

  • Deposit USD via ACH and card payments

  • Withdraw USD to a bank account

  • Create and send a payment request

  • Send USD or crypto to an email address, mobile number, or username

  • In-app purchases

  • Merchant marketplace

  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency via the app (to be rolled out in a second phase)

  • Businesses can accept a point-of-sale payment via scan to pay

  • Businesses can integrate online checkout with log in to pay

In addition to the consumer and merchant features, you also get an administration portal to manage your customers and transactions in one place.

We working towards adding branded debit cards, loans, and savings products in the future.

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