Creating a Plaid test account

A note: If you have already signed up for a Plaid test account previously, you can re-use the same Plaid account and skip to Enabling Wyre with Plaid.

  1. Browse to the Plaid signup page and fill in all the relevant form information, or login if you already have an account.

  2. Use the top menu to browse to Team Settings -> Keys.

  3. The required fields for setting up the Wyre Extension are the client_id and the sandbox secret both displayed on the page. Keep the page handy when going to configure the Wyre Extension inside the Rehive Admin Dashboard.

Enabling Wyre with Plaid

Once you have your Plaid account setup, you need to enable the Wyre integration on Plaid.

  1. Browse to Team Settings -> Integrations, scroll until you find Wyre, and click the Enable button next to the Wyre integration.

Adjusting your Plaid widget

The Wyre integration requires the Plaid widget be adjusted slightly to enforce that a user selects a specific account.

  1. Login into the Plaid dashboard.

  2. Browse to the Customize section using the the top menu:

  3. Use the side menu to go to the Account Select section.

  4. Select the Version 1.0 tab if not selected already. Under the View Behavior section select Enabled For One Account.

  5. Finally click the Publish Changes button and verify it. Your Plaid widget should now be fully configured for the Wyre Extension wallet setup.

Great, Wyre and Plaid test access are now fully set up! Follow the next article in the series to get a feel for what it's like to register and get verified as an individual user.

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