This article will guide you through the process of funding your test user's account with Friendbot. Friendbot is a tool for funding a Rehive account with a small amount of test-Wyre currency. The goal here is to give you some funds so that you can test common user flows in the Web Wallet App.

Watch the quick demo recording or follow the detailed steps below:

Funding your test user

Ensure that you have completed setting up a Test Wyre Account and a Plaid Sandbox before going through the below steps, or else you will not be able to fund your user.

By this point you should also have registered as a user in the Web Wallet App and gone through the onboarding process to KYC. This user will now have a Rehive account and a corresponding Wyre account. In the steps below we are going to fund the user's Wyre account via their Rehive account, through the Rehive Admin Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Accounts listing page on the Rehive Admin Dashboard.

  2. Locate the account of the test user you created. Click on the item to open up the view modal. Copy the Reference. (Ensure that the account also has a Wyre id, otherwise the fund won't work.)

  3. Navigate to the Friendbot inside the Wyre Extension in the Rehive Admin Dashboard.

  4. Enter the copied account reference into the Friendbot field and click "Fund account."

Your test user's account should now be funded! It may take a few moments to reflect in the Web Wallet App. This funding was done in order to mimic a user deposit. You now have some funds you can use to test the user flows in the Web Wallet App.

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