This series of articles will guide you through the process of registering a test user in the Web Wallet App and funding their account with our Friendbot. The goal here is to give you some test funds so that you can test common user flows in the Web Wallet App.

Ensure that you have completed setting up a Test Wyre Account and a Plaid Sandbox before going through the below steps, or else you will not be able to complete the user onboarding.

Watch the quick demo recording or follow the detailed steps below:

Registering as a test user

  1. Navigate to the Web Wallet App.

  2. Enter your App ID and click Join. You can find your App ID on the top right of the Get Started page in the Rehive Admin Dashboard.

  3. Navigate through the welcome sliders or skip.

  4. On the Welcome page, click Register. Select the Individual account type.

  5. Fill in your details. For email address, you cannot use the same email as your admin user. Use an alternative account or if you have a Gmail-powered account you can use the append + trick.

    For now, the only selectable country is United States of America - continue for now even if you are not based in the US.

  6. Accept the disclaimers and continue.

  7. You should have received an email to verify your email address. Click the link in the email to verify, then go back to the user onboarding and click "Next".

  8. Complete all Basic info fields. Entering dummy data is fine.

  9. Complete Mobile number verification by entering your mobile number and verifying it via OTP.

  10. Fill out the Address verification with dummy data. Country must be United States of America.

  11. For Address verification document, select any type (eg. Utility bill) and upload a dummy document. Your document will be automatically verified.

  12. For Identity verification document, select any type (e.g. Government Issued ID), enter an Issuance date and an Expiry date, and upload a dummy document. Your document will be automatically verified.

  13. During Link your bank account, click Continue to Plaid.

    Click Continue.

    Select Chase as your bank.

    Enter username: user_good
    password: pass_good

    Select Plaid Checking and click Continue.

You have now registered and verified a test user in your app.

Next: Fund your test user's account

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