It is very easy to get started on Rehive.

  1. Create a sandbox project here. Remember your App ID! All new projects created through the Create App process are Test Projects and will automatically have _test appended to the end of your chosen App ID e.g. if you enter the name Plume your App ID will be plume_test. For your Production Project, your App ID could be just plume.

  2. Follow the step-by-step onboarding process. After creating a project, the first point of action is to select your custody model. You can either choose an existing integration with one of our partners or choose the manual option to do your own integrations.

  3. Choose the currencies you wish to enable for your project. You can always add more currencies later.

  4. Invite other administrators or team members to your project or skip it for now.

  5. Rehive will configure the system following our standard configurations. The automated builder will set up things like accounts, groups, tiers, notifications, extensions, etc. You can customize these standards if you wish to do so later on.

  6. Follow the basic steps on the Get Started page.

  7. Go to and type in your App ID to test the experience as an individual or business.

  8. If this works, you know you are making progress. Next up, you can head back to the Get Started page to complete all the steps to prepare for production and go live!

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