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What experience level is required to build extensions on Rehive
What experience level is required to build extensions on Rehive
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To build on Rehive, you will need a team of developers with the following qualifications:

  • Development Experience: Your team should be proficient in consuming developer documentation and have the capability to identify the best way to integrate with the Rehive API to achieve your goals. Typically, senior-level engineers with prior experience working in fintech and similar software stacks are most suitable.

  • Technical Skills: Rehive's backend is developed in Django/Python, while the front end is built using React/Next.js. Familiarity with these technologies is essential for effective development.

  • Analytical Skills: Your team should have enough analytical experience to effectively identify the optimal integration methods and endpoints within the Rehive API.

Rehive Account Managers can assist you by:

  • Highlighting common integration flows

  • Identifying best-fit endpoints

  • Providing best practices

However, Account Managers are not equipped to assist in detailed analysis and product design. This aspect will need to be handled by your team.

In summary, to build extensions on Rehive, a team with strong development and analytical skills, particularly with experience in fintech and the specified technology stack, is required. This will ensure that you can effectively leverage Rehive’s platform to meet your objectives.

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