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How does Rehive prioritize feature requests?
How does Rehive prioritize feature requests?
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Rehive logs all feature requests and reviews feature requests after each sprint set.

Rehive’s Sprint Sets consist of two 2-week sprints, followed by a review and planning week. During the planning week, the team reports on all work started, completed, and submitted during the previous two sprints.

A strategic update is carried out, followed by review sessions to consider which items should be included in the following two sprint sets, this includes planned roadmap items as well as feature requests submitted by clients. The order of priority that items are considered in is as follows:

  1. Bugs

  2. Business priorities

  3. Client requests

  4. Internal maintenance

According to this approach, items will be included in the following two sprints, to complete planning for the upcoming sprint set.

Account Managers will provide updates after each planning week to confirm what was completed during the previous sprint and what has been selected for the next sprint.

The Rehive team aims to bring the greatest value possible to our clients. When reviewing client feature requests, the team considers strategic direction as well as value offered to all Rehive clients to assign priority to a request. In some cases, requests do not align with Rehive’s strategy or do not provide enough value to other Rehive clients. In this case, certain requests may be declined.

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