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Reporting a technical support issue
Reporting a technical support issue

Reporting front-end and API issues

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In order for the team to efficiently identify and fix issues, we need as much information as possible about how and where you have experienced trouble. Here are two checklists to follow when submitting technical issues.

Front-end applications

When struggling with an issue, a faulty configuration should always be considered as a possible cause for the issue you may be experiencing. Have a look at our troubleshooting articles as a start. Rehive offers a wide range of configurability and certain requirements are needed for each flow to work well. App and dashboard errors should point you in the direction of the issue.

If you still struggle to find the issue, please contact your Account Manager and include the following information in your request:

  1. Which app you are experiencing the issue in (dashboard/web app/mobile app - specify whether it is your white-label mobile app or the Rehive test app)

  2. If a mobile app, specify the version number that is experiencing the issue.

  3. Specify the flow and steps taken when experiencing the issue. It is best to include a screen recording and/or screenshots.

  4. The desired outcome of your steps and the actual issue that is being experienced

  5. The user(s) experiencing the issue and any transaction information available.

The aim of this process is to allow our team to identify potential issues in your approach and reproduce the issue as fast as possible with the goal of identifying exactly where the problem lies.


When experiencing difficulties with the API or any extensions the best place to start is the developer documentation, if you still struggle to resolve your issue, please request assistance and include the following information:

  1. The desired outcome you are hoping to achieve.

  2. The app ID of the project where you are experiencing the issue.

  3. The ID of the user (in the project) that is experiencing the issues. Please ensure that this user is the owner of the API token used in your API requests.

  4. The API request/response information:

    1. The request URL: including any arguments or parameters.

    2. The request method.

    3. The request body in JSON format (mask out any private info like passwords).

    4. The headers (please only include the first 8 characters of the token in the Authorization header and mask out the rest)

    5. The response status and body.

  5. The expected outcome of the API request, should it not be obvious what the error is based on the response status and body.

If you are accessing the API via the SDK, please provide us with a snippet of code showing how you are trying to call the API. In addition, you will need to be explicit about which error is being returned so we can debug based on concrete information.

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