Reporting a bug

Let us know when something isn't working as expected

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The easiest way to report a bug is by logging into the dashboard and using the chat feature to report a bug. This way, the bug is sent straight to the relevant team.

If you are a Premium or Enterprise client, you can also contact your Account Manager via email or a shared Slack channel, who will log the issue and provide updates when the issue is resolved.

When reporting a bug to your Account Manager, it’s important to provide as much information as possible so that the issue can be quickly identified and resolved. Include as much of the following information as possible:

WHERE are you experiencing the issue?

This could be on the Web or Mobile app or the Dashboard. However, it also makes a difference whether this is on your white-label application or on the Rehive testing app, on iOS, or on Android. Ensure to include all the places where you are experiencing the issue. On the web app, if you are doing custom development, it also makes a difference whether the issue is being experienced only on the Rehive wallet or on your white-label wallet.

WHICH FLOW are you experiencing the issue in?

Always clearly indicate where and which flow in the app you are experiencing the issue. Include a screen recording and screenshots so that the team has enough information to reproduce the issue. Loom is a great tool for logging screen recordings.

WHICH USER is experiencing the issue.

Include the type of user and their group. Always be sure to include the details of a test user that has experienced the issue so that an investigation into the user permissions and groups can be done to rule out configuration issues.

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