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How do Account Managers help with projects on Rehive?
How do Account Managers help with projects on Rehive?

The primary functions of Rehive Account Managers are proactive care, serving as a point of contact and information, and case management.

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  • Invests time to understand business requirements.

  • Provides hands-on training and configuration support.

  • Gives advice on recommended configurations based on Rehive standards.

  • Proactively emphasize system updates or configuration changes that could impact your project.

  • Assists with exporting complex transaction and user data.

  • Provides run-throughs on common integrations to explain where Rehive fits in, what to expect from third parties and what you need to develop.

  • Provides feedback on feature requests and whether they fit Rehive's roadmap or not.

  • Provides updates on Sprint Set priorities and output from the previous print set.

  • Provides updates on logged issues.

  • Loops in Rehivers on complex topics on a case-by-case basis.

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