How to purchase a test product and view the transaction in the Dashboard
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This guide will take you through how to purchase a test product as an end-user inside the Rehive Web Wallet. Once you've successfully purchased a product, we'll show you how to view the corresponding transaction and placed order.

For ease of use, if you created a Manual project, we have added a test product for you. If there are no products in your project, navigate to the Products Extension in the Rehive Admin Dashboard to add one.

Before you start

This guide will assume that you have added a test user and created a manual deposit for them, as purchasing a product requires that the test user has funds to use for that purpose. If you have not added a test user and created a manual deposit you should do so now.

Purchasing a product in the Rehive Web Wallet

  1. Navigate to the Rehive Web Wallet.

  2. Enter your App ID. If you're not sure what this is, it can be found in the Rehive Admin Dashboard on the Company info page.

  3. Log in using the email address and password you used when you created your test user.

  4. Navigate to the "Products" section of the web wallet.

  5. You should see a list of available products, or just the test one which has been added. You can add it to your cart by hovering over the product and clicking "Add to cart" or by clicking on the product to view more information about it, where there will also be an "Add to cart" button.

  6. After adding the product to your cart, click on the cart icon on the top right of the Products page to view your cart. From here click "Checkout".

  7. Upon clicking Checkout, a confirmation modal will display showing you the price and currency. Click confirm payment to continue.

  8. Your order should complete successfully! You can view the order as a user by clicking on the "View order".

Viewing the transaction as an admin in the Rehive Admin Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the Rehive Admin Dashboard.

  2. Enter your App ID and log in with your admin user.

  3. Navigate to Transactions in the main left menu. Here is where you will see all transactions that take place on your project.

  4. At this point you might have very few transactions, so while it may be obvious which transaction is the product purchase, if you wanted to narrow your search down, you can filter transactions by subtype.

  5. Click the Filters button at the top of the Transactions History panel. Scroll through the filter options until you see Subtype. Check the subtype box and look for the subtype "purchase_app" and click "Done" to filter transactions by purchases through the Products Extension.

  6. When you have located the transaction, click on it to view the transaction details.

  7. In the lower half of the Transaction details modal you should see an Order Id link. Click on it to view the details of the order in the Products Extension.

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