This article will guide you through the process of trying out a test deposit flow with Wyre.

Funding a test user’s account with test currency

In the Wyre Test ecosystem, ACH deposits from Plaid payment methods do not complete. Due to this, you will need other ways to fund your test users with some test currency. The easiest example is using your Wyre business account and the Stellar Test Network.

In this example we will go over how to fund a test user’s Rehive account balance with underlying Wyre USDC by sending XLM to your Wyre account and converting it into USDC.

Depositing and Exchanging

  1. Login into the Wyre Test Dashboard -> Browse to the Payment Methods Section.

  2. Find the XLM section.

  3. This displays your address and memo using a “:” to separate them. Example: GD7WXI7AOAK2CIPZVBEFYLS2NQZI2J4WN4HFYQQ4A2OMFVWGWAL3IW7K:CJNM4BET9L3

  4. You can then user either or an existing Stellar Testnet wallet to send XLM to your Wyre address.

  5. Wait for your Wyre account to reflect the deposit.

  6. Browse back to the main Wyre Test Dashboard where you should see an Exchange section.

  7. Set the “Convert” currency to XLM and the “Into” currency to Stellar USDC (when prompted with a search box enter “Stellar” as an option - this should display Stellar USDC).

  8. Click exchange.

Sending to a Test User account

This section assumes you have gone through the deposit and exchange flow above, and have an available balance of Stellar USDC on your main Wyre business account.

To send to your test user you will first need the user's Wyre wallet reference. This can be found by:

  1. Logging into the Rehive Admin Dashboard

  2. Go to "Users" in the main left menu.

  3. Locate your user and click on them in the listing page. You will be taken to their user Details page.

  4. Once there, go to the user's Accounts tab. Find their General account and look for the “Wyre id” field. Copy this down for the next steps.

Next we will need to send to the user's Wyre wallet via the Wyre Test Dashboard.

  1. Login to the Wyre Test Dashboard.

  2. On the main Dashboard page click the Send Money tab.

  3. Set the “You Send” currency to Stellar USDC and the "Recipient Gets" to Stellar USDC.

  4. Then enter “wallet:WA_REFERENCE” as the recipient. (Where WA_REFERENCE is your user's Wyre wallet reference/Wyre id)

  5. Hit continue and confirm the payment. Your user should shortly receive the test Stellar USDC, and it will then reflect in their Rehive general account balance. You can view this balance in either the Rehive Admin Dashboard when logged in as an admin, or inside the Rehive Wallet App when logged in as the test user.

Testing the deposit flow in the Web Wallet

Once a user has had a Plaid Payment Method added, you can test your user deposit flows by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your test user in the Rehive Web Wallet.

  2. Ensure that they have completed the User onboarding flow.

  3. Navigate to Accounts and click the USD General account.

  4. Click on the "Deposit" button on the top or right. If it does not appear, click on the "..." button to show all action options.

  5. Click "OKAY" on the Deposit screen message if one displays.

  6. Select your test user's added Plaid account.

  7. The wallet will then ask you to input an amount. Enter something like 20USD and click "Deposit".

  8. This triggers an ACH withdrawal from your connect bank account to your test user's Wyre account. In production, an ACH deposit can take up to 5 days to complete and in test will remain pending.

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