To enable the Wyre Extension on Rehive in test mode, a fully approved set of Wyre test credentials is required. This guide will take you through setting up Wyre and Plaid test accounts and enabling all required configurations.

Note: While we do our best to keep this guide up-to-date, Wyre may change their process at any time. Contact us if you get stuck anywhere!

Watch the quick demo or step-by-step instructions below.

Creating a Wyre test account

  1. First browse to the Wyre Test Dashboard and select the Sign Up button in the top right.

  2. Get Verified. Enter your email address, choose your password, agree to the Wyre terms, and then click Get Verified.

    Note: If you don't complete onboarding the first time, you can start again from the Wyre Dashboard by going to Your Account -> Basic Info -> Begin verification.

    Party Details

  3. Basic Business Details. Fill out all of the fields. As this is a test account, you can just enter dummy data - but you will need to complete all fields on the business form. Click Continue.

  4. Documents. If the documents section is taking a long time to load, refresh the page. Upload dummy documents for Company Identification and Identification of Beneficial Owners.

  5. Bank location. Select the United States as the country of your bank location. Click continue.

  6. Connect bank. You will now add a bank account via the Plaid Sandbox environment. Click “Connect account” - Wyre will then redirect you to the Plaid ACH setup widget.

    Continue and select Chase. When prompted to login use the credentials:

    Username: user_good
    Password: pass_good

    When asked to Verify your identity, the only option will be via Mobile. Click "Get code". Leave the code field empty and click "Submit".

    Select Checking account and click Continue. On the confirmation page, accept the Terms and Conditions and click "Connect account information".

    You'll be briefly redirected back to Wyre, and then again see the Plaid widget. If you are sent to the Bank location step again, just click "Continue". Select "Plaid checking" and click "Continue". Let it connect and then click "Continue".

    It might take you through the connect bank flow twice.

  7. Electronic Signature. Enter your details for the Electronic Signature, confirm, and continue.

  8. Verify Phone Number & Verify Email Address. Your phone number and email should auto-verify - click Continue each time, and then click Finish to go to the Wyre Test Dashboard.

On the Basic Info page, if your account status is still unverified, click "Begin Verification" and try to go through the process again.

When your Account Status is "Active", your Wyre Test account is set up.

Generate Wyre API Keys

  1. In the Wyre Test Dashboard, browse to the API Keys section via the Your Account link in the top menu.

  2. Once there select “Add API Key”. Add a description and leave the IP address field blank.

  3. Wyre will display your API Key and your Secret Key. Save these n an external location, as Wyre will not display your Secret Key again. You’ll need these later in the Rehive Admin Dashboard when setting up the Wyre Extension.

You'll also need your account ID to finish setting up the Wyre Extension in the Rehive Admin Dashboard. To find your account ID browse to the Basic Info section under the Your Account top menu. The Account ID is displayed on the left in the Profile section:

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