Stellar Warm Storage setup

A guide on how to create and fund a Stellar Warm Storage account

Written by Connor Macdougall
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Creating your Warm Storage account

For the Stellar Extension to accept deposits it requires the Public Key of a funded Warm Storage account on the Stellar Network. This account should not be the same one used for your Hot Wallet. Your Warm Storage account should also not be used for any other operational transactions or as a private wallet, as all credits made to the account are considered user deposits.

Before going further we recommend reading our recommendations of best practices for managing and storing private keys.

While we recommend setting up either a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet to use as the Warm Storage account, as a start we will take you through how you can set up and use a Lobstr wallet as the Warm Storage account.

To setup your Lobstr wallet:

  1. Click “Get Started” on the top right.

  2. Fill out the signup form and click “Create Account”.

  3. Verify your Email and then login.

To create a wallet within your Lobstr account:

  1. Select “Create a Stellar Wallet”.

  2. Lobstr will show a set of phrase words. Stores these securely following our recommendations of best practices.

  3. Skip setting up a federated address.

  4. Click “Receive” on the left menu and then “Stellar Address” on the pop-up.

  5. Finally click “Copy Address”. This is your Public Key that will be used for the Warm Storage Account.

To fund the account please follow read our “Where can I buy lumens?” help center article.

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