If the Rehive team is managing the hosting of your mobile applications, we will be needing the following:

  • Active Google Play Store and Apple App Store developer accounts. It is important that you create an account as an organization and not an individual.

  • If your organisation does not have an Apple Appstore account, you will be needing a D-U-N-S number.

  • Relevant branding for your product including desired colours, icons and logos.

  • Full description of your product for the App Store

  • Company legal name and address.

  • Link to website.

  • Links to your T&C and Privacy Policy.

  • Copyright information for your product.

  • An email address for your end-user support.

  • Demo user the app stores to test the product. Rehive will set this app.

It is very important that your organization name used for your app store accounts are consistent with your actual organization name. Apple in particular will want to see an official association of your app and your organization by inspecting your website content.

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