How do I configure limits?
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To configure a limit on a group tier:

Navigate to Groups. Find the group you want to add the limit to and click "Fees, limits and subtype controls".

On the transaction settings page select “Tier limits” from the vertical left submenu.

On the tier limits page, choose which tier you want to add the limit to. Click “Add limit”.

  • Select whether your limit applies to credit or debit transaction types.

  • Choose which currency you want the limit to apply to.

  • Enter the amount and select what type of limit it should be.

  • Optionally, you can select a specific account definition this limit should apply to - for example, you might only want a limit to apply to the savings account definition.

  • You can add a much more specific limit by selecting a subtype for the limit to apply i.e. if you only want to limit withdrawals in USD. The list of subtypes is filtered based on whether you selected credit or debit as your transaction type.

To configure a limit on a user account currency:

Go to the Users list. Locate the user you wish to set a limit on and click them. The user Details page will display. On that page, navigate to the horizontal submenu “Accounts” next to Details.

Find the account you want to set the limit on. Decide which currency you want this limit to apply and click “Settings”.

Click “Limits” on the vertical left submenu. From here you can add a limit in the same way you would add one to a group tier.

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