Before reading through this section please review: on general best practices for setting up private keys. The below instructions assume that you have a setup and ready to go hardware wallet.


For the Stellar Extension to accept deposits all that is required is the public address of a Stellar account. Any hardware wallet or wallet, in general, should readily display the public address used to make a deposit. This address will be added to the Rehive service and ultimately displayed to your users to make a deposit transaction.

Once you have your public address the following needs to be done on the Rehive Stellar Extension dashboard:

  1. Browse to the Warm Storage page.

  2. Click “Add”.

  3. Enter the public address in the key field and submit.

Now, whenever a user requests to receive XLM (or any other Stellar asset) this public address will be displayed along with a unique memo string.


For the Bitcoin Extension to accept deposits it requires a special kind of public key called an “Xpub” a type of HDKey which is used to generate an infinite number of Bitcoin public addresses that are all tied to the same master private key. Most hardware wallets use an HDKey system and will display the Xpub string.



Once you have the Xpub the following needs to be done on the Rehive Bitcoin Extensions dashboard Warm Storage section:

  1. Browse to the Warm Storage page.

  2. Click “Add”.

  3. Paste the Xpub key into the input and check the “Primary” box. Then submit.

Now, whenever a user wishes to receive Bitcoin the Xpub is used to generate a unique public address associated with that user which they can make a deposit too. No user will share the same public address. Each deposit should show up within the wallet that the Xpub was copied from as well as on Rehive.

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