Maintenance Policy

Our approached to scheduled downtime.

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We always strive to perform software and hardware upgrades without affecting the uptime of any of our services. However, occasionally we need to perform an upgrade that requires a short period of downtime. We are continuously trying to reduce the number of cases where this is necessary.

In the event that we do need to perform scheduled maintenance that is expected to result in downtime of more than 15 minutes, we will notify clients at least seven days in advance via email and via a scheduled maintenance announcement on our status page.

In the event that we need to perform maintenance that will result in downtime of less than 15 minutes, we will commit to performing them within the maintenance window defined below.

Maintenance window

From 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM UTC
โ€‹Weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

* Note, that the maintenance window is simply a time allocation for us to work on critical upgrades. Most weeks no downtime will occur during the maintenance window period and in the weeks that downtime does occur, it will be only for a few seconds or minutes at most.

For both scheduled and maintenance that occurs within the maintenance window, we will strive to remain within the uptime constraints as described here.

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