What is an Accelerated Roadmap?
Do you need custom development?
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We work with selected customers on a case-by-case basis to accelerate feature development at an additional cost.

We always maintain an internal feature roadmap where we shift priorities on a 4 week sprint cycle. Enterprise subscribers and/or customers using on-demand services can work with Rehive to align on the roadmap to best match your needs. You may request to prioritize features. In some cases, we might be able to do so without additional cost, whereas in other cases we will enter an Accelerated Roadmap Agreement.

In most cases, we recommend that you create your own development team to do custom development. However, sometimes it makes sense to work directly with us to move faster and save costs.

NOTE - Not all feature requests will be developed by Rehive as a guarantee

NOTE - Rehive does not guarantee any time estimates for the Internal Product Roadmap, unless under an Accelerated Roadmap Agreement.

NOTE - Customers can pay for an Accelerated Roadmap that is either scoped by a Dedicated Customer Success Manager or an on-demand Solutions Engineer. An Accelerated Roadmap will be time-guaranteed as per the fee for accelerating the roadmap.

NOTE - Rehive reserves the right to package Custom Development as re-sellable Extensions or Applications and make it available for use by other customers.

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