What does an Account Manager do?

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It is best to think of an Account Manager as an extension of your own team. The resource will spend up to 20 hours per month working with your team. This time is split between direct collaboration and completing tasks behind the scenes.

While the role includes certain routine tasks, it will be up to your team to allocate sufficient time from your side to work with the Account Manager 

The nature of the Account Manager role changes over time depending on the stage which your business is at. At the early stages of conception, your business will need more hand-holding to scope features and communicate best practices for integrating with Rehive. Once your business starts to grow, more time will be allocated to helping train your team on management processes, learning with you how we can improve the product, etc. 

If more than 20 hours are needed per month to meet your needs, Rehive will let you know whether it is necessary to bill for the additional hours. 

The main advantages of an Account Manager are as follows:

  • No need to upskill an on-demand resource to understand your business and build a relationship from scratch to scope new requirements.

  • No ramp-up time is needed to scope new features.

  • Peace of mind that an external party is looking over your shoulder to make sure you maximize your return on investment using Rehive’s products.

The primary role of an Account Manager is as follows:

  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with your team to understand your business requirements and team culture.

  • Work with your team to understand your feature requirements.

  • Work with your team to research and scope new features.

  • Communicate best practices for building and managing a fintech product on Rehive.

  • Advocate feature requests to be incorporated in Rehive’s general product roadmap.

  • Determine whether features can be developed by Rehive or not.

  • Estimate time and cost to roll out new features as an Accelerated Roadmap Agreement.

  • Monitor your traction and identify any bottlenecks or growing pains that can be streamlined by Rehive.

  • Continuously update your team on new feature releases and maintenance schedules.

It is often the case that new feature requests do not fit Rehive’s general product direction, in which case the Account Manager will best suited to communicate this early on.

NOTE - The Account Manager will not scope features that are out of scope of Rehive’s core product focus but advise on alternative options for meeting this demand. 

NOTE - The Account Manager will not do custom development. We do offer separate on-demand Integration Engineering and Custom Development services if needed. 

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