What is the difference between a Dedicated Customer Success Manager, Fintech Consultant, Solution Engineer and Integration Engineer?

Choosing the right resources for your needs.

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A Dedicated Customer Success Manager on the Enterprise tier is a unique and dedicated resource on a customer account - whereas the other resources are on-demand. On-demand services will be billed per hour and deliverables are only considered completed on post-delivery sign off.

NOTE - All on-demand resources are sold in 8 hour packages. Availability is limited and requires 4-6 weeks notice to reserve resources in advance. Hourly rates vary and depend on project size.

The following breakdown explains the difference in more detail:

A Dedicated Customer Success Manager is a dedicated resource that is assigned to Enterprise customers. Clients get up to 20 resource hours or 8 meetings per month. Resource hours count towards any task completed by any Rehive team member for the client, whether it is scoping, training, applying configurations, or creating mock designs.

A Fintech Consultant is an on-demand resource that can help with fintech specific research, ideation, business strategy and scoping. 

A Solution Engineer is an on-demand resource that focuses on scoping features, implementing configurations and writing guides. Solution Engineers do software development for MVP’s, but not for production use. 

An Integration Engineer is an on-demand resource that focuses on scoping and developing integrations. Integrations with third party providers has to meet our qualification requirements. Integrations may be packaged as Extensions and will be available for use by other customers. We’re focused on integrating with payment processors, open banking APIs, KYC/AML service providers, customer support tools and accounting solutions. Integrations may or may not be conditional on additional maintenance and hosting fees.

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