Cash-in and cash-out introduction

Enabling bank or credit card payments in your app.

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You can either use our out-of-the-box integration with key partners, or you can do your own integrations.

If you decide to do it yourself, your software engineering team will need to integrate with a payment processor.

Steps for integrating:

  1. Sign up with a payment processor that operates in the country you will be operating in. 

  2. Decide whether you would like to use Rehive’s White-label Wallet application or build your own frontend and use only Rehive’s backend APIs . If you decide to use the Rehive White-label Wallet, you will need to purchase a Rehive Premium Subscription which includes a White-label Software License and access to the source code.

  3. Build the integration. For every payment processed by your payment processor, your backend web server should use the Rehive Platform API to credit the appropriate end-user account. Payment processors typically have guidelines for how this type of integration should be built. Read our Cash-in/ Cash-out guide for an overview of the typical structure for integrating with a banking partner.

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