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How customizable are the web and mobile applications?
How customizable are the web and mobile applications?

Customize your wallet without doing any coding.

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If you are using the Web App with White-label Hosting then customizability will be limited, but is still flexible. If you prefer to make direct customizations on the frontend you have all the freedom you need for adding features, integrations, and enhancements.

We are open to receiving feedback from clients if you are looking for small changes and/or feature requests. Usually, we’ll respond within 2 business days to clarify whether it is a feature we plan to support or not.

The following UI/UX and features can be customized via the App Extension on the dashboard.


  • Logo

  • Icon

  • Primary color

  • Secondary color

Register and onboarding

  • Email only/Mobile only/Email and mobile

  • Require Pin/Touch ID [optional]

  • Require email verification to access app [optional]

  • Require mobile verification to access app [optional]


  • In app notification cards

  • Custom domain

  • Email notifications


All transaction types can be enabled/disabled including 

  • Send

  • Receive

  • Deposit

  • Withdraw

  • Buy

  • Sell

  • Purchase

  • Sale

  • Mass Send. 

Fintech logic

  • User requirements and tiers can be customized.

  • Fees and limits can be customized based on tiers.

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