We’re open to working with clients on new business models to understand the best fit fee structure for all parties involved. However, more often than not we’ve likely dealt with the particular business case already and have standardized fees accordingly.

We moved to an active user model to make it easier for our clients to determine usage fees.

Short term

Our goal is to make it exceedingly more affordable to go live with a fintech app than to build everything from scratch. No need to hire developers and bankroll upfront of development without even validating the market.

Medium term

As you start to grow we want to make it 10x more affordable than paying monthly developer salaries to maintain your core financial infrastructure.

Long term

Rehive only works if we make money too. In the spirit of being fully transparent, we’d like to set the expectations from the start that our goal is to make sure we provide a high-quality service in the long run where you can justify 10-20% of your revenue being shared with Rehive. 

In the long run, we know you’ll have to make a decision whether it is best to stick with Rehive to continue on your growth trajectory by leveraging new features, standardizations, management services, integrations and partnerships, or by taking everything in the house and potentially reducing your monthly bill. 

Either way, we know that Rehive is the most affordable solution to get started in building a fintech product in the early stages.

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