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What if Rehive gets too expensive when my business scales?
What if Rehive gets too expensive when my business scales?

We only win if our clients win.

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We’re open to collaborating with clients on new business models to determine the best-fit fee structure for all parties involved. However, in many cases, we’ve likely encountered similar business scenarios and have standardized fees that are effective and efficient.


Our goal is to make it significantly more affordable to go live with a fintech app compared to building everything from scratch. This eliminates the need to hire developers and fund upfront development costs without first validating the market.


As your business begins to grow, we aim to make it ten times more affordable than paying monthly developer salaries to maintain your core financial infrastructure.


Rehive only succeeds if you succeed. Our long-term objective is to charge a percentage fee of your revenue at scale. As your business grows, you’ll need to decide whether it’s best to continue leveraging Rehive’s new features, standardizations, management services, integrations, and partnerships, or to take everything in-house.

Our mission is to ensure we grow together and continue providing high-quality, reliable services that justify the costs. We never lock you in; you always have the option to purchase the Full Software License and bring your solution in-house if our growth trajectories no longer align.

Ultimately, our commitment is to make sure we grow together, offering flexibility and support at every stage of your journey.

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