We’re in it for the long run and want to share in the success of our clients. We take care of the fintech infrastructure, while you focus on what your customers really want.

Our primary business model is to charge a transaction fee based on usage. We offer a range of subscription packages to help businesses get started. It is important to note that a transaction fee only applies once it exceeds the fixed, monthly subscription fee. We therefore only bill for either the subscription or total transaction fees, whichever is the greater.

We do not consider all transaction types as equal in terms of our fees. For example, an onchain crypto transaction is priced differently than a peer-to-peer email-based transaction. The reason we take this approach is to accommodate a range of use cases and benefit from those where the value-add is significant enough to justify a fee, but not kill other models where fees need to be negligible in order to make sense.

Unlike developer agencies we’re not trying to maximize revenue by billing per hour. Furthermore, unlike pure software vendors, we don’t just sell a code base and walk away. We know we’ll have to earn our share by providing quality services and maintaining a focus on helping your grow.

This means we’re continuously looking at new features to unlock new revenue streams for  businesses, optimize key management operations and make it easy to do accounting.

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