White-label Hosting removes all Rehive related branding on all touch points, whereas Grey-label Hosting requires that your customer install the Rehive App to access their wallet and log in with a specific Wallet ID that you can choose to make public or keep private.

Grey-label Hosting is a great choice if you’re a small organization or if you don’t see any strategic benefit from owning the end-to-end branding. In some cases it is even better to stick to Grey-label Hosting and benefit from the network effect Rehive brings to the table. Rehive App  is almost like Slack, for example the user downloads the Slack app and join their specific teams, but instead now users download the Rehive App and join their specific wallet.

White-label Hosting is not available if you’re making your own customizations on the source code directly.

Note that there is a difference between White-label Hosting and White-label Software Licenses. White-label Hosting for the Dashboard is only available to Enterprise clients.

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