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What is Rehive?
How does Rehive work?
How does Rehive work?

Rehive works like Lego blocks for building a fintech app.

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Rehive is a no-code fintech app builder. We slot on top of the fintech stack and specialize in making it easy to customize your end-user experience across iOS, Android, and web applications. On a high-level, our product consists of three parts: Rehive Platform, Extensions, and Applications.

We built Rehive with the goal to be open, customizable, and flexible. Rehive Platform is flexible user management and transaction ledger system. Rehive Extensions and Applications are built on the platform and can be configured for various fintech use cases.

You can either use our off-the-shelf product as-is or build your own extensions and custom frontends. The iOS, Android and Web Apps are white-labeled with your branding. The end product is essentially a white-label wallet or fintech app, similar in feature set to Cash App. The application is geared to both businesses and individuals.

A key use case is doing payouts to your own branded wallet or fintech app. End users can send and request money, buy and sell currencies, make in-app purchases, scan to pay, pay online, earn rewards, and more. The goal is to grow with our clients and expand by adding more financial capabilities over time.

Your branding, your customers!

Rehive does not move real money. You start by choosing your custody model. You can either choose one of our pre-integrated custody partners or integrate with your own partners.
The platform supports any asset format, whether fiat, crypto, stocks, or points. On the platform level, you can configure groups, permissions, verification requirements, controls, fees, limits, and more. On the application level, you can customize the branding, colors, language, labeling, notifications, and more.

Everything is managed from a single unified administration portal.

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