We built Rehive with the goal to be open, customizable and flexible. 

Think of Rehive as technology Lego blocks for building a fintech product. We have looked at over 20 fintech use cases and whether you’re creating a bill splitting app, savings bot, employee budgeting tool, invoicing solution, cryptocurrency bank, API billing service, a crowdfunding platform, etc. we found that roughly 80% of the backend requirements are always the same.

We’ve packaged end-to-end business case ready white-label wallet solutions by mix and matching configurations across the Platform, Applications and Extensions. 

Starting with a solution is the best entry point to go to market quickly, and with a clear business case. However, if you’re looking to further extend one of our solutions or completely build a custom fintech app, it is useful to understand how our products fit together.

We keep in mind three types of users when building new features: Developers, Management and Consumers. Developers can get started by building on our open APIs. Management can use the admin dashboard to manage users and transactions, configure business logic, set security measures, and more. Consumers are the end-user that interact with our web and mobile applications.

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